About me سامي المطيري

I studied then worked in Marketing and Real estate development before moving to the UK in 2007.
I have been involved with counselling and psychotherapy since 2012, training and building my practice while working with people from all backgrounds and cultures.

My approach is integrative – meaning I can draw upon a variety of counselling styles and techniques, choosing whichever approach seems most appropriate for your circumstances.

I am able to draw on personal experience of Middle Eastern traditions and cultures.
My aim is to offer a confidential and safe space in which you can explore any aspect of life that might be impacting on your wellbeing.

Areas that you might like to explore include work issues, relationships, depression, anxiety, bereavement, controlling anger, LGBT matters, self-harm, or traumatic experiences. Or you might be struggling with a basic feeling of being not ‘good enough’. Counselling can help with all these concerns and more.

Whatever you would like to explore, my belief is that therapy can help you to grow in awareness so you can find a way to make any changes you want to make. I see therapy as a journey in which I am your companion, helping you to review your life and to consider venturing into new directions.

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