Hi and Willcome,

I’ve always thought about what life could be like without Hope! This how I began my jounry into becoming a counsellor and psychotherapist, I’ve chosen the word Amal which in Arabic it encompasses hope and aspiration.

As a therapist, am interested to explore with you all aspects that you might find it difficult, stressful, cause you to feel more anxious. The process of therapy is to help you unlock your potential and discover other possibilities to cope, over come and perhaps start the process of healing.

I work in an integrative and holistic way, I can draw upon a range of approaches that will enable further process in your therapy.

I offer one-to-one therapy with adults and online such as Zoom, Google hangout,Skype as well as WhatsApp.

I also offer English or Arabic counselling

Mornings (9am- 3pm)£ 40-£ 50
Evenings (4pm – 9pm)£ 50-£ 70

I am fully qualified, with experience of working in a wide variety of settings with people from all walks of life.

Any topic can be explored in therapy, including stress,anxiety, low self team, sleep issue, lake coping with relationships, Loss, work, cultural issues, depression, bereavement, addiction, eating habits, personality disorders and sexuality, intimacy and LGBTQ matters.

We all have came across many different feelings; Anxious. Lonely. Depressed. Angry. Stressed. Grief. Frustrated. Disconnected. Fear. Helpless. Nervous. Confused. Uncertain.

How I can help you?

I work with a wide variety of issues:

– Overwhelming emotions

– isolation

-Health issues

– Family Children’s Wellbeing

– Friends and Relationships

– Financial difficulties

– Difficulties when facing uncertainties

– Lack of Sleep

– Work related problems, Working From home challenges

You can also make use of counselling and psychotherapy to review your life as a whole with a view to simply growing in awareness and effectiveness.

I trust you will find me approachable and professional. I always welcome feedback so we can ensure our work together is as effective as possible.

I consider therapy to be a journey in which I accompany you on your path to a more fulfilling way of life.

Sami Almutairi سامي المطيري